Hotel Management Courses Requirements in Kolkata, India

Hotel Management Courses

After the 10+2 exams, most of the students are quite worried about choosing the right career path. With loads of options, it is often quite confusing to choose the right one. Considering the present scenario of India, Hospitality and Hotel Industry is the most projected career choice.

India has always been a popular destination for tourist for its captivating and diversified culture and heritage. By the year 2025, this industry would witness 9% revenue growth. Research has shown that this industry itself would be creating nearly 4 million jobs by 2045.

This blog will guide you about hotel management course requirements Read to the end to learn about important aspects.

Understanding the Basics of Hotel Management Courses

As the term “Hotel management” dignifies– it is the process of administering the various operations of hotels, resorts, cruises, and other establishments like airlines, food and beverage industry that are related to the hospitality sector.

The hotel management courses are aimed to skill up students for various responsibilities and smooth operation of the different hospitality businesses.

Before we jump into further details, we must know about the different areas of study in this course.

1. Operations management-

They ensure effective management of the various operations that aims for best guest experience.

2. Hospitality law and ethics-

They look after the various rules and legal parts of the establishment, offering the maximum well-being of the customer as well as the employees.

3. Financial management-

They manages the expenses and create budget optimizing various costs of the establishment.

4. Human resource management-

Responsible for hiring talented individual, train them up and retain a valuable working environment.

Admission Requirements for Hotel Management Courses

The education qualification for the hotel management course requirement is 10+2 pass. Any students from any stream (arts, commerce, science) can appear for the entrance exams in any accredited hotel management institute in Kolkata. Besides, many institutes also offer admission through PI and GD too.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hotel Management Program

While choosing an institute, make sure the institution is accredited. Accredited institutes have expert and experienced faculty.

A good mentor can help you in boosting valuable insights and develop new skills that would help you explore new opportunities in the industry.

Besides, renowned institutes offer internship and placement facilities. Internships open up practical experience that is very important. Also remember to check out the previous year’s placement record before taking up admissions.

Types of Hotel Management Programs

After you have chosen the institute, you have to choose the type of program you want to choose. Here is the list of programs offered for hotel management courses:

  1. Degree course: The duration of this course is for 3 years
  2. Diploma courses- This course is for 2 years.
  3. Online certificate courses and distance learning options- These courses vary from 6 months to one years.

Types Of Job Designation You Can Apply For

Once you pass out with the degree, there are lots of scopes for job. You can apply for the designations like operation managers for hotels, banquets, restaurants, resorts and cruises, revenue managers, front- office manager, housekeeping manager, marketing manager, Event planning and management, customer service manager and many more.


There is no doubt that India has a growing market for the hospitality sector. If you are opting for a hotel management course now, then by 2045 (when it would be at its peak) you will have gained enough experience that would help grab better job roles.

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