Explore Contemporary Main Gate Pillar Designs for Your Home


The main gate pillars are an important element of your house’s exteriors. Your house’s main gate and its pillars are the first things anyone notices while walking towards your house. In some cases, homeowners even decorate their main gate with flowering climbers and use stunning gate pillar tiles, which create strong impressions on not only your guests but also the passers-by walking along the street in front of your house. find  tiles shop near me to buy tiles.


 If you are looking for ways to elevate your modern home exteriors, you must understand that your main gate pillars are as important as your interior pillars, and you must use pillar tile designs that complement the gateway in all respects. You can just search “a tiles shop near me” and reach out to any trusted tile brand to explore some exquisite front gate pillar tiles for your main gate pillars. Read on to find inspirations to transform your gate pillars to enchant every person passing by. 

Main Gate Pillars: Your Home’s First Impression 

The design of your main gate and the pillars attached to the gate are significantly important for impressing your guests and people visiting your neighbourhood. Many homeowners fail to emphasise both their houses’ indoor and outdoor decor simultaneously, and they neglect their outdoor decor most often. 


Similarly, if you are finding it hard to design both your house’s interiors and exteriors, you should prioritise focusing on the exteriors first. However, you should make sure to use gate pillar tiles that are contrasting to your exteriors and gates so that they have their own distinctiveness while offering practicality. 


If you explore the local tile market in your city, you can find all kinds of tile designs to elevate your main gate looks. All you have to do is select a tile design that looks good with your main gate and your house exteriors. If you love stylish and modern looks, you should consider minimalist tile designs like cement tiles. Or, you can select a brick tile design for a rustic touch to your contemporary house. 

Main Gate Pillar Designs with Tiles for Contemporary Houses 

Minimalist Concrete Main Gate Pillar Design 

If your house follows a modern architectural plan, consider going for a contemporary, minimalist look for your main gate pillars. Minimalist designs primarily focus on simplicity and clean lines, so you can opt for concrete or cement tiles in grey tones and with smooth surfaces. These tile designs are elegant and can offer a sophisticated look to the front gate while making sturdy statement pieces for attraction. Also, they can match the classy vibe of your modernised house while adding an organic charm to the overall front design of your house. 

Brick Tile Gate Pillar Design

If you want to add a rustic feel to your exteriors with minimum effort, you can easily do it with just a small creative idea. You only have to find a reddish-brown brick tile design that offers vintage elegance to the outer space of your modern house, adding a classic touch to your modern settings. The illusion of brickwork offers a touch of rustic charm to the overall front design, which also helps balance the classic elements with a hint of warmth and uniqueness. 


However, if you prefer having a modern look even for your main gate pillar, you can still opt for brick tiles but with more modernised designs. Just visit any trusted tiles shop near me and find modern brick tile designs, which can add a refined look to your gate pillars. 

Stone Tile Gate Pillar Design 

Stone pillars can provide a touch of elegance and luxury to your main gate pillars. If you are looking for an option for gate pillar tiles that can provide the textures and designs of stones, you should opt for stone wall tiles. These tile designs give a stunning look to your gate pillows, creating a look of an exquisite gateway. Moreover, the natural look of the tiles can be an excellent choice for any modern-looking pillar, which welcomes your guests to come and explore the fusion of style and comfort in your interiors. 

Wooden Elevation Tile Gate Pillar Design 

Another way to add a warm and rustic touch to your modern house exteriors is by laying wooden wall tiles. When you lay wooden tiles on your outdoor gate pillars, these tiles will evoke a sense of organic elegance and stability while harmonising with the natural world. Moreover, these tiles’ natural tones and textures evoke strength and serve as a visual portal to your home interiors. These tiles effortlessly help in combining style with functionality. Also, they come in different options so you can explore and choose the perfect one for your home to elevate the natural and earthy vibe in your home’s surroundings.

Stacked Stone Tile Gate Pillar Design

Stacked tile designs are another remarkable tile option that can provide a distinctive look to your house’s main gate. The stone design of these tiles makes your home appear like a castle with a grand entrance. They go well with metal gates and offer a rustic appeal to the entrance space. These tiles come in different designs and varying hues of natural stone colours with a textured surface, making their designs appear more visually striking. 


By now, you must be clear about how you can use different gate pillar tiles to design the overall look of your main gate. So, you should make sure to focus on your main gain pillars too, just like the rest of your house, for it to shine out. To find high-quality pillar tiles in diverse designs, search “a trusted tiles shop near me” and reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique to accentuate your house entrances.

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